Routes To Flourish

Coaching and Learning Consultancy based in Scotland on the Isle of Arran, Routes To Flourish offers a range
of coaching and learning development options tailored to your personal or business needs

Coaching and Learning Consultancy on Arran with Routes To Flourish

A range of tailored development to meet your personal or business needs. Alison works with clients across the spectrum ranging from independent sole traders, small businesses, hotels, distilleries to corporate clients all seeking continuous improvement.

If you wish to discuss your specific development needs, please do get in touch. Development options are available on or off the Island subject to your available learning and development budget.

Face to Face, Telephone, FaceTime or possibly even a Video Conferencing link booked via our local College.

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Alison is accredited and associated with:

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What People Are Saying

  • Leadership Development Programme

    As part of a 12 month Leadership Development Programme I was given the challenging opportunity to work for Alison in an area of the business in which I had no previous working knowledge or experience.

    The position lasted over a 6 month period and demanded differing skills at various points of the project.

    Alison provided a comprehensive brief on my role and responsibilities and we had regular detailed conversations during which Alison gave me guidance on taking the project forward but also allowed me the freedom to utilise skills I already had whilst learning and developing new skills along the way.

    She offered encouragement, motivation and self belief at times when I felt overwhelmed by specific tasks on the project. On successful completion of the project I felt an enormous sense of achievement and a major boost in my self confidence.

    I have since been successful in achieving promotion and although I have several examinations to pass, I have the belief and confidence in myself, that through hard work, I will succeed.

    A large part of my positivity is as a result of working with Alison and her excellent mentoring and coaching skills where even in challenging situations she motivates and brings out an individuals full potential.

Alison's Blog


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Talent Management

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Employee Engagement

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